Blooming tea encyclopedia

What is Blooming tea ?


Blooming Tea is hand crafted from the finest single estate white tea leaves, grown in the high altitude regions of the Hunan province of Southern China. This is a pristine environment where tea is grown via stringent guidelines, without the use of harmful chemicals, producing some of the most highly prized teas in the world.


blooming tea

Blooming teas goes by many common names outside China: flowering teas, art-teas, hand-tied teas etc. All of these names are used to describe what is referred to in china as 'GongYi Hua Cha'; literally 'Art Flower Tea'.

The concept that such teas have suddenly jumped into existence is very incorrect as this tea-making art form has existed in many of the fine tea-rooms in China for a very long time.

A specific date of blooming tea's beginning is not known but we can be certain that it is at least several decades ago, and possibly several hundred years during the Ming dynasty. Irrespective of when these tea blooms have first appeared in the non-Chinese marketplace, many forms of green teas have already been circulating globally with similar hand-made and hand-tied elements.