About flowering tea


The production of Blossoming Tea starts in the early spring. Farmers make sure to handpick tea buds quite early (mid-march or beginning of April) as they are still young and unopened. This preserves the unopened bud and the tealeaf inside of it, which is shiny green, covered with white velvety hairs.

Subsequently, the leaves go through the selection process. Only the finest whole leaves and buds make it through. The unselected ones are further processed and destined to a lower grade of export teas.

The destiny of the selected leaves varies depending on their purpose. Some immediately go to the blossom artists, but most go to another branch of the farm in order to be scented with flowers like Jasmine, Osmanthus and Chrysanthemum. In order to do so, these leaves are stacked with the flowers for days in layers. Afterwards, the leaves are finally hand-tied into small tea blossoms.

The flowers that the blossoms contain are also handpicked when they are young and fresh. This aims to preserve their delicate flavors and their precious shape. The very last process sees leaves and flowers tied together by expert tea artists.