Anhui blooming tea


Anhui Province is home to Mao Feng Green Tea. The province is 60 % covered with mountains and has a subtropical climate, which is perfect for this particular tea growth. Mao Feng Green Tea grows in Mount Huangshan, which is listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage.

Mao Feng grows at an altitude of over 700 meters (2,200 feet) where there are cliffs piercing into clouds. The mountain is characterized by an incredibly fertile soil, abundant rain and a short period of direct sunshine. The numerous growing orchids lend a magnolia-like fragrance to tea plants. In such surroundings, the tea buds grow big and strong. Mao Feng tea is distinguished for its rich and sweet taste, which is also somewhat nutty with a fresh floral fragrance.

A very high quality of green tea distinguishes blossoms made out of Mao Feng tea, which is plucked at a very young stage. Its leaves are yellowish, flat, with a very slight upturn and covered with silvery hair. Expert tea drinkers have a saying about Huangshan Maofeng: 'the first cup is fragrant, the second sweeter, the third stronger.'