Artisan tea

Fragrant Osmanthus tea
fragrant osmanthus   This finely picked green tea has been masterfully tied together by hand to delight all senses.
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Anhui Blooming tea
anhui tea   Anhui Province is home to Mao Feng Green Tea. The province is 60 % covered with mountains and has a subtropical climate, which is perfect for this particular tea growth. Read more
Blooming tea glass teapot
glass teapot   A Glass teapot works well for any form of loose leafed or flavored teas in which fruits or flowers may of been added, the color of the brewing tea can be observed through the glass teapot , so you are able to detect by sight as soon as the tea reaches your own personal taste requirements, rather than prodding and probing at the tea with a tea spoon in order . Read more
Chinese Biluochun tea
biluochun tea  

One of the famous Chinese green tea is DongTing BiLuoChun, which grows in Mount Dong Ting and Lake Tai area in Wu County in the Jiangsu Province. Legend has it that the east side of the Mount Dongting once grew several wild teas.

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Chinese Clouds tea
clouds tea   LuShan (Mount Lu) Clouds Tea - One of the most famous Chinese green tea. LuShan (Mount Lu) is on the south side of the Yangtze River, also near the Lake BoYang. Read more
Chinese Jasmine tea
jasmine tea   Suzhou jasmine tea has developed since the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yongzheng times, with its mass production and sale history dated back 250 plus years ago. Read more
Chinese Long Jing tea
long jing tea   West Lake Longjing, ranked the highest in China tea, is produced in the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and the surrounding mountains. Read more
Chinese Mao Feng tea
mao feng tea   Mao Feng tea is produced in Huangshan in Anhui Province, south to the Tai Ping county and north to the Shexian county in the Huangshan area (Yellow Mounain). Read more
Chinese Oolong tea
oolong tea   DongDing Oolong tea is known as the Saint of Taiwan teas. DongDing Oolong teas are produced in the Nantou county LuGu region in Taiwan.
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Chinese Puer tea
puer tea   Puer tea, also known as Yunan Blue-Green tea, is from the Puer County in Yunnan Province. The name was formed 1700 years ago.
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Chinese Qihong tea
qihong tea   The first international award QiHong won was the Gold Medal in 1915 at the International Expo in Panama. Since then, QiHong tea has maintained its supreme quality and popularity. Read more
Chinese Silver Needle tea
silver needle tea   Silver Needle from JunShan, Hunan province is one of China‚Äôs top 10 famous teas.

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Chinese TieGuanYin tea
tie guan yin tea   AnXi TieGuanYin tea is produced in AnXi County, Fujian Province. AnXi County has great range of mountains, warm climate and adequate rainfall. Read more