Blooming tea articles

About Flowering tea
fragrant osmanthus   The production of Blossoming Tea starts in the early spring. Farmers make sure to handpick tea buds quite early.
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Blooming tea questions
anhui tea   Blooming or Flowering Tea is made from predominantly premium green tea buds and natural flowers although blooming tea is available Read more
Flowering tea - How is made ?
glass teapot   Production of the flowering teas begins always in the early spring in Fujian province. This is the same Fujian province that is famous for amazing amounts of green tea. Read more
Glass Teapots sizes
biluochun tea  

The standard personal size teapot is a 2-cup teapot. holding approximately 15oz of brewed tea. Moving up a size you find a 4 cup teapot , which is considered the tea for two size holding roughly 27oz of refreshing tea.

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History and Origins of Blooming tea
clouds tea   The point of origin in history of blooming tea is a little cloudy. One camp claims blooming tea is a modern creation that's only about ten to fifteen years old.
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How to Care your Glass teapot
jasmine tea   Firstly glass is not a porous material like ceramic or metal so if rinsed after each use there should be no build up of tannins that sometimes cause the discoloration found in teapots. Read more
How to Store Blooming tea
long jing tea   The first rule of tea whether it be blooming tea or any other kind of tea is that you buy it in small quantities and often , this not only ensures that your teas are fresher.
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Introduction to Buying Blooming tea
mao feng tea   I feel I am more assured to receive a fresher higher quality tea, as the buyers for the large tea merchants are almost guaranteed to be more knowledgeable. Read more
The Art of Brewing Blooming tea
oolong tea   Your choice of water plays significant part in getting the most out of a blooming tea. For superior results use spring or filtered water if tap water.
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The Types of tea
puer tea   Moderate spring temperatures, abundant rainfall, coupled with six months of recuperation during winter, making spring tea fertile in leaves, light green in color, soft in the leaf texture.
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