Blooming tea glass teapot


A Glass teapot works well for any form of loose leafed or flavored teas in which fruits or flowers may of been added, the color of the brewing tea can be observed through the glass teapot, so you are able to detect by sight as soon as the tea reaches your own personal taste requirements, rather than prodding and probing at the tea with a tea spoon in order to do a taste test or trying to peer into the murky depths of a dark ceramic teapot to examine the true color of the brew.

A glass teapot allows you to peek in to the previously hidden world of the the tea leaves as they brew and perform their tea dance that was until now hidden from your gaze , see how the leaves sweep and swirl and gracefully unfurl within the glass teapots invisible filter. A glass teapot is of course an optional luxury for brewing most loose leafed teas but when it comes to flowering or blooming tea it's an absolute essential.

Glass teapots are beautiful and come in many designs they can be either classic or modern in appearance and because they are of course made of glass go with the color scheme of any room.A Glass teapot does not retain the flavor of the teas made with in it making these glass pots the ideal teapot for all special blended teas where transference of taste is a huge no no.