Blooming tea questions


Q. From what are Blooming Teas made
A. Blooming or Flowering Tea is made from predominantly premium green tea buds and natural flowers although blooming tea is available made from black and white teas to find a more indepth answer check out what is blooming tea.

Q. Why drink blooming tea
A. Blooming teas as all tea is healthy in many ways. It lowers blood pressure, helps to prevent obesity; it protects the heart, even aids in the prevention of tooth decay and increases immunity to various ills.

Q.I have never seen blooming tea ,what does it look like ?
A.You really have to see blooming or flowering tea in real life but the next best is perhaps a video.

Q. What should I expect the taste of a blooming tea to be like?
A. You should expect a smooth, delicate and sometimes sweet flavor depending on the flower blossoms that the blooming tea is combined with most blooming tea is very mild in flavor but they are still packed with nutritive anti-oxidants. the way blooming teas are stored can adversly affect the taste for more the correct storage of blooming teas visit this post.

Q. Is the Glass tea pot durable?
A. The glass tea pot usually used for blooming tea should be made out of the same glass used in laboratories for flasks and test tubes. This type of glass is both strong and resistant to temperature extremes. It can be put on the stove top to boil water in then it can immediately be placed in the freezer or have ice added to it. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Q. Do blooming teas contain caffeine?
A. Yes but the tea's caffeine level is based largely on the amount of time that the tea is cooked. Usually, darker teas (more cooked teas) have a higher amount of caffeine Blooming teas made from Black Tea contain the highest amount of caffeine, similar to a same size cup of coffee.
Blooming teas made with Green Tea contain roughly one quarter of the caffeine found in the same size cup of coffee. Whereas White Teas contain approximately half of the caffeine of Green Tea.

Q. How do I re-brew my blooming tea flower?
A. Most tea brands state that the tea blossom can be re used up to 3 times in the same 24 hour period. After enjoying your first pot of flowering tea just pour hot water back over the flower blossom and allow it to steep to your required strength.Many people even prefer the 2nd pot of tea actually claiming it produces the best flavor

Q. How long do I have to brew my tea bundle for?
A. Let Personal taste be your guiding rule the majority of tea houses recommend 5-7 minutes per pot, but it's best to experiment to find out your own personal preference first. Tho find out more about brewing blooming teas visit this post

Q. Because Blooming tea is produced in China how do I know it's safe to drink?
A. All imported teas are inspected and certified by CIQ, a special governing agency that works with the approval and in
conjunction with of the FDA.