Chinese Clouds tea

LuShan (Mount Lu) Clouds Tea - One of the most famous Chinese green tea.

LuShan (Mount Lu) is on the south side of the Yangtze River, also near the Lake BoYang. It is located in the Jiujiang city, Jiangxi Province, which is also the UNESCO World Heritage Site in China.

Fogs and clouds constantly surround the mountain and it is the clouds that add much of the wonderful scenery in Lushan.

LuShan Clouds Teas were first recorded in the Jin Dynasty and expanded during the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, Clouds Tea was named as the royal tea for the Emperor. The Clouds teas have the fresh light green color of leaves and has unique orchid aromas.

LuShan Cloud Teas benefit from the ideal natural environment that it grows in. Because the Cloud Tea grows in the high altitude areas, the tea picking time is longer compared to the teas from other regions. It usually happens right before or right after May 1st. The tea picking process strictly follows the rule of ‘one leave one bud’, which means that each pick contains one leave (bigger size) and one bud (smaller size).

With its good quality, The LuShan Cloud Teas are welcomed by both domestic and the international consumers.  Now, in addition to selling to the domestic market, Cloud Tea are also exported to Japan, Germany, South Korea, the United States, Britain and other countries, especially with the development of tourism in LuShan (Mount Lu). The demand for Cloud Teas increase yearly and tourists traveling to LuShan also buy the Cloud Teas as gifts for relatives and friends.