Chinese Jasmine tea

SuZhuo Jasmine Tea is the best of the jasmine teas in China.

Suzhou jasmine tea has developed since the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yongzheng times, with its mass production and sale history dated back 250 plus years ago.

According to historical records, in the Song Dynasty, Suzhou was one of the first provinces to plant jasmine and use it as an ingredient for tea.

By 1860, SuZhou Jasmine Tea became one of the most pouplar teas in the Northeast and Northern China.

Fragrance of the Suzhou Jasmine Teas varies depending on the type of embryo used, quantity of the jasmine flowers and the season of the jasmine flowered.

High end Jasmine Tea is also mixed with the LongJing teas, BiLuoChun tea and the MaoFeng teas, which are used as a base with the jasmine flowers added.

Compared with similar scented teas, SuZhou Jasmine Tea has a fresh aroma, with yellow-green liquor clarity after brewing.

Some of our blooming teas carried are used SuZhou Jasmine tea for added fragrance.