Chinese Long Jing tea

West Lake Longjing, ranked the highest in China tea, is produced in the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and the surrounding mountains.

For many years, the Hangzhou West Lake is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes, but also for the West Lake Longjing tea.

West Lake and its surrounded mountains has been producing teas for thousand years, reaching its peak in the Tang Dynasty with prestige. Yet, the formation of the flat LongJing tea that we’re drinking now had just developed around a hundred years ago. Legend has it that when Emperor Qianlong, Qing Dynasty, visited Hangzhou, he had a poem entitled "Watching Tea Picking".

West Lake Longjing teas ranked sequentially are:

the "Lion (peak), Dragon (wells), Clouds (Habitat), Tiger (run), Plum (Tidal),"

Longjing tea leaves have straight and sharp shapes, flat, smooth-absorbed realms, slightly yellowish tone in the base green color. After brewing, it has the lasting aroma lingering with a clear, fresh, bright color and taste.

Long Jing tea is distributed in the West Lake area and the surrounding mountains above the Lake. These areas have a mild climate all year round with fog always shrouded, abundant rainfall, coupled with a loose soil structure. The fertilized soil and tea are deep in roots and green in leaves all year long. Tea that buds before Qingming is called Ming Qian tea, which is among the best of Long Jing Tea.