Chinese Oolong tea

DongDing Oolong tea is known as the Saint of Taiwan teas. DongDing Oolong teas are produced in the Nantou county LuGu region in Taiwan.

Its young leaves are picked from the top of the blue-green type of the Oolong teas. Oolong is the name of the variety and DongDing is the name of the mountain where it grows. Judged by the fermentation degree, DongDing Oolong is mild semi-fermented tea.

Top quality DongDing Oolong tea leaves are dark green in color, with grey spots similar to the skin of a frog. When dried, each of the leaves are tight and blended with strong aromas even without being brewed. After brewing, liquor is yellowish like orange, with a heart felt fragrance of the Osmanthus. When it is open, the leaf is light green and has a reddish rim around it.