Chinese Puer tea

Puer Tea is developed from the base of the Yunnan Big Leave Red Tea.

Puer tea, also known as Yunan Blue-Green tea, is from the Puer County in Yunnan Province. The name was formed 1700 years ago.

Puer tea is made from the tea leaves from ZiLe county, PingDeng County, YiBang County and many others. There are a total of 11 counties from the Yunnan Provinces combined.

The tea-producing areas in Puer County have a very warm climate and adequate rainfall with high humidity. Also, soil in that area is rich with organic minerals.

Tea picking for Puer tea in those areas can last from March till November. Because of this, these teas are popular during the spring, summer and autumn.

In ancient times, Puer tea was used as medicines.

Its quality features are: lasting aroma, with the unique Yunnan tea leaf’s flavor, which is able to brew 5 or 6 times. Liquor is yellowish in color after brewing.

Traditionally, Pu'er teas have two types: the Shape tea and the loose tea.

Pu’er Teas are well known worldwide, with mass exports to Hong Kong, Macau and Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, France and other countries.