Chinese Qihong tea

Among all of the red tea in the world, QiHong Tea, with its uniqueness, its characteristic aroma and its noble image has established the love from the international tea markets as the leader of the red teas for hundreds of years.

QiHong is short for the QiMen Red Tea. (Hong means Red in Chinese)

The first international award QiHong won was the Gold Medal in 1915 at the International Expo in Panama. Since then, QiHong tea has maintained its supreme quality and popularity.

QiHong has its advantageous growing environments and conditions: good weather, favorable terrain, diligent people and supreme genes. In the QiMen area, people have been growing QiHong tea for thousands of years.

QiHong tea is famous for its high fragrances which are widely referred by tea masters as ‘Sugar’ or ‘Apple-Trapped’ fragrances. The unique fresh-lasting smell also contains the orchid aromas. This stylish scent in the international market is referred to at the ‘QiMen Fragrance’.

The British favors the QiHong Tea the most. The royal family also gives it as a gift for the Queen’s birthday.