Chinese TieGuanYin tea

AnXi TieGuanYin tea is produced in AnXi County, Fujian Province.

AnXi TieGuanYin has a long history which is also called ‘King of Teas’. AnXi TieGuanYin origin is from Qing Dynasty, King YongZhen times (1725 – 1735).

AnXi County has great range of mountains, warm climate and adequate rainfall. This environment yields the dense growth of tea, the great variety and mass production of the tea - ranking it as the number one place to grow this type of tea in the country.

Because of this, picking AnXi TieGuanYin tea can be done four time a year, during the Spring, Summer, late Summer and Autumn. Spring Tea is the best in quality.

The best days for TieGuanYin tea picking are during sunny days with winds blowing from the north. Hence, local tea farmers usually work from 10 am till 3 pm on those days.

Tea processing of TieGuanYin is similar with other oolong teas. But, with the ‘Shake Green’ step longer and with the ‘Cool Green’ step shorter.

During the tea processing, ‘Sundry Green’ step is usually finished before sunset, ‘Shake Green’, ‘Cool Green’ steps are done through the nights and complete the fermentation in the morning the other day, followed by the last step of baking. The entire process takes one night and one day after the picking.

The entire tea processing procedures are divided into ‘Sundry Green’, ‘Shake Green’, ‘Cool Green’, fixing, cutting & kneading, early baking, kneading package, the second baking and the last baking - there are a total of nine processes.

The good quality AnXi TieGuanYin tea leaves have tight ends. They are as heavy as iron wires, the leaves are green like lotus leaves with a sweet scent, and it also has unique savor sweet tastes. This allows the tea to be able to be brewed 7 times without losing significant taste. After brewing, the liquor is light gold in color and the leaves expand so that you can see the green in the center with a light red around the rim.

AnXi TieGuanYing has won numerous awards at home and abroad in tea expos with prestige.