Flowering tea - How is made ?


Production of the flowering teas begins always in the early spring in Fujian province. This is the same Fujian province that is famous for amazing amounts of green tea and especially oolong tea production. The tea buds are picked young and early before they open usually in mid-march to the beginning of April.

This allows each picked bud to contain both the unopened bud and the small tea leaf, both glistening green and covered with white downy hairs.

The leaves are then sorted, only the finest whole leaves and buds making the grade, while the rest get moved to further processing for low grade export teas and the tea dust and smaller particles reserved for tea bag production. The tea leaves which pass are again sorted for purpose, some immediately going to the blossom artists and most go to another part of the farm to be scented with certain flowers like jasmine, osmanthus and chrysanthemum by having the tea leaves and flower stacked onto multiple layers for several days or more. Finally after this the leaves are moved to be hand-tied into tea blooms.

The flowers used in the tea blossoms are also picked young and fresh so the flavours are delicate and strong and the shape unbroken and undamaged. The leaves and flowers are tied together by skilled tea artists according set guidelines in order to achieve a uniform flower and tea arrangement for each blossom and especially to keep consistency.