Glass teapot sizes


A standard sized tea cup holds 6 oz of tea = 177 ml

A tea bowl usually holds between 4oz and 5oz of tea

The standard personal size teapot is a 2-cup teapot. holding approximately 15oz of brewed tea
Moving up a size you find a 4 cup teapot , which is considered the tea for two size holding roughly 27oz of refreshing tea.
Teapots holding enough tea for six or more cups usually hold around 48oz of freshly brewed tea enough for a small dinner party or the average family.
A Very large glass teapot holding 8 and 10-cups of tea is available but found infrequently as they are not commonly used

Size of course is a very significant factor when determining which teapot is to be selected for purchase but possibly more important particularly in the kingdom of glass teapots the pots shape or design is king because they are transparent colorless and usually devoid of pattern what usually establishes one glass teapot as reigning supreme at least in the mind of its potential owner , not only from a buyers perspective but from a potential hostesses point of view looking for a unique focal point for her dinner table . The pots shape and design appeal are usually the deciding factor. .It is the teapots style and overall aesthetic look that will have the casting vote that will sell it to you no matter whether your interests reside more in the classic lines or whether your searching for a pot with a more modern feel to it , what ever your tastes you will find a glass teapot that is guaranteed to be functional and beautiful as well.

Don't think the choices you have to make when picking out a glass teapot are over when you've chosen the size shape and design, by no means now you have to decide whether you want your teapot to come with a built in infuser or do you prefer to steep your tea through a tea strainer or tea ball ?. If you prefer your glass teapot to have a built in infuser do you want that too to be glass or of the traditional metal mesh construction.?
Do you want your glass teapot to serve double duty for iced tea or other chilled tea based drinks ? then a taller style of teapot should be your preference. Would you prefer that your teapot came as part of a tea set or alone ?,if a tea set is chosen what kind of cups would you like the more oriental styled tea bowls or the traditionally accepted western type of tea
cup with a handle.? Would you be happier if you were able to keep your tea warm over a tea light if so then you would require a teapot frame or tea warmer as part of your tea set.