How to store blooming tea


The first rule of tea whether it be blooming tea or any other kind of tea is that you buy it in small quantities and often , this not only ensures that your teas are fresher and therefore in their prime but at at their peak for taste quality too. It also enables you to try out new lines and blends if teas when making fairly frequent small orders.

the second rule of thumb for blooming teas and other varieties of tea

Green tea should be kept for between 6 months and a year no longer

White tea also around a year maybe up to 14 months

Black tea can be stored for up to two and a half years

Oolong though I personally have not found it in a blooming tea can be kept apparently for anything up to five years

So check when ordering your blooming tea varieties from which kind of tea your particular flowering tea bundles are created from so you do not store your tea for longer periods than recommended.
Of course these lengths of storage mentioned above are entirely dependant on the proper storage conditions as is the case for all teas blooming tea will not keep well if improperly stored and will not fail to produce an improperly flowering inferior tasting experience.

Proper storage conditions for blooming tea

Dark , dry ,air tight ,small containers ,away from extremes of temperature ,and away from any possible contaminating odors ,cool and dry is preferable to hot and dry but damp conditions are fatal. These storage conditions should be your guide for storing any kind of tea not just for blooming tea .The only exception to this general guide for tea storage and isn't there always an exception to every rule well in the land of tea storage Japanese green tea breaks all the rules it actually improves in flavor when stored in the fridge but this is the only exception.

Signs of old or badly stored blooming tea

Blooming teas come in a variety of shapes balls, mushrooms cones ,lanterns ,hearts to name just some what ever the shape or style of your blooming tea it should always look proportional and symmetrical I mean this of course bearing in mind that this is a handcrafted item and as with all things handmade no two are ever exactly alike.

The shape should be lightly but adequately bound by cotton or in some cases silk thread the Flowering tea bundle should not be loose and falling apart , all of its protrusions i.e. the stem of a mushroom shape or the pointy portion of a cone should feel firmly attached to the rest of the blooming tea bundle not about to detach at the slightest manipulation .

The tea leaves that house the blossom of the blooming teas should not appear discolored in areas leaves should not be missing or damaged.

The blooming tea shape should smell like tea it should have that very discernable tea aroma, when hot water is added this aroma should increase and the water surrounding the blooming tea bundle or blossom should appear colored but still clear not cloudy, a cloudy liquid indicates possible dust contamination.

What to do with poor tasting blooming tea

Whether the poor quality is due to bad storage ,poor quality tea or you are just not that fond of that particular variety all is not quite lost blooming tea still has its uses even if it is no longer drinkable .

1 you can keep the used blooming tea flowers in a vase as a table decoration for upto around a week if the water is changed frequently. This can be a solitary spent blossom or if you have several say for example after a dinner party my favorite way of displaying them is to attach them individually but in line to a piece of plastic coated wire and then immerse them wire and all into a tall glass vase see the picture at the left of the what is blooming tea in that photo though the flowers are held together with a piece of thick pliable solder .This method not only makes a very attractive and unique peace of room decor but because the blooming tea blossoms are not touching each other or the sides of the vase it seems to prolong the length of time that they can be kept as a room decoration

2 I also sometimes apply this method of attaching to wires my used flowering tea blossoms in my fish tank (do not use lead solder in a fish tank) the fish love them and even nibble at them in the fish tank I don't know whether because the water is circulated by the pump the blooms seem to last a little longer

3 This applies to unused too long stored or just blooming tea bundles with which you are not quite happy with the taste if I have been gifted blooming teas people rarely ask which you would like well you don't have to drink them you can just use their pleasant aroma as floral air fresheners .

4 Or best of all to make pleasantly highly scented bath waters ....what a treat especially when you add a few candles around the bath room you can then of course use them after wards in the fish tank or vase when your done bathing with them I told a friend about this use she later revealed she had used them in this fashion but not in her bath but in the hot tub.

5 they amuse my cat for the longest time and even their gyrations during brewing occupy the attention of my grandchildren for more time than I would have thought grandmas magic balls are how my grandsons refer to my blooming tea bundles.