Introduction to buying blooming tea


First I guess is from where should you purchase your blooming tea as stated previously (in the post what is blooming tea) it is always my practice to buy mine online from the larger better known tea merchants because I feel I am more assured to receive a fresher higher quality tea, as the buyers for the large tea merchants are almost guaranteed to be more knowledgeable and experienced than buyers for department stores who are not involved daily with the tea industry.

Also although becoming more and more widely consumed it is still a relatively new arrival to the tea market and still even less well known on the high street plus because its higher price by comparison to other flower flavored teas, so when found in mall specialty tea stores or at small high street tea shops in my experience that the blooming tea may of been sitting on the shelf for some considerable time. Just because it states on the boxes of most blooming tea that it has a shelf life depending on tea variety of between 1 and half to two and a half years does not mean it is at its best if kept that long. Look with extreme suspicion at high street stores selling blooming tea varieties at deeply discounted prices. I prefer to purchase my blooming teas from the larger online tea merchants not only because of their superior knowledge but because they sell huge quantities of blooming and flowering teas their re stocking rate is bound to be much quicker so the tea can not be anything but fresher.

Resources for Purchasing or Blooming or Flowering Tea
The tea companies are listed alphabetically not in order of preference

1. Adagio - A delight for your eyes as well as taste buds
2. Ambrosia - Good Teas Made Simple
3. Blooming Teas - See it, sense it, taste it...
4. Dragon 4 Tea - luxury green tea inspired by a Chinese tea legend
5. The Exotic Teapot - The Fine Art of Display Tea (for those in the U.K.)
6. Numi Tea - Leaves of Art are a true tea lover's bliss
7. Primula - Something Extraordinary is Brewing
8. RariTea - Let serenity unfold and envelop you
9. Sumit Tea Company - Taking tea to new heights
10. Teaposy - Live a life most beautiful

If purchasing blooming teas for the first time most of these online tea vendors will sell blooming teas in sample sets so you can buy half a dozen different blooming teas so you can find the one that suits your palette the best you can often find bargains when purchasing a gift set that usually is accompanied by the requisite glass teapot which you will want to buy anyway if this is your first adventure into blooming or flowering tea. You can use in an emergency if there is such a thing as a blooming tea emergency the glass pot from your coffee maker but ensure that it is extremely well cleaned and rinsed to avoid transference of tastes either of coffee or cleaner to your blooming tea.

Do not buy large quantities of tea at a time I never buy more than six bundles of tea I reserve my drinking of blooming tea for little private special occasions I imbibe in blooming or flowering tea perhaps only once a month , if you drink flowering tea more regularly than me fair enough you will possibly need to buy in larger quantities, but I prefer my own private blooming tea ceremonies not to be of common occurrence once something becomes an everyday event it just seems to lose its charm and significance and certainly its capacity for self reward.